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Thursday, 17 November 2011
Occupy Wall Street needs an image makeover. . .
Topic: Decline of the West

…and here it is:


Hat tip for the photo: Dr. F., corresponding from the People's Republic of California. I take full and well-deserved credit for the photo caption.

Posted by tmg110 at 4:37 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 17 November 2011 4:43 PM EST
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Blinded by the Green
Topic: Liberal Fascism


The collapse of the government-mandated “green energy” revolution hasn’t fazed some of its starry-eyed fans—leftie pundette Froma Harrop, for instance. Here she is, still going gaga over green, post-Solyndra:


Did we hear the word "Solyndra"? Solyndra is the California solar-panel maker that declared bankruptcy after receiving over $500 million in federal loan guarantees. A scandal brews over reports of Solyndra's alleged political favor-seeking. One concern centers on a high Energy Department official who pushed for the loan while his lawyer-wife represented the company.


House Republicans are investigating the Solyndra deal, as they should. But again, while the public financing process may not have been spotless, the company's innovative technology was the real deal. Solyndra had developed panels that didn't use silicon, then an expensive substance. A later glut of solar panels—with China possibly selling them here below cost—ended Solyndra's price advantage and put it out of business.


Translating this verbiage into standard English yields the information that Chinese-produced solar panels are cheaper than US-produced solar panels, thanks (1) to much lower labor costs in China and (2) massive government subsidization of the Chinese solar-panel industry. As for Solyndra’s “innovative technology,” the “real deal” is that it couldn’t prevent the company from going belly up at a cost to the US taxpayer of over $500 million. Because of solar power’s low efficiency and unreliability, it will never be more than a niche product in the energy market—a fact that escaped green-besotted Obama Administration.


The mania for all things “green” is a useful pointer to the intellectual corruption of contemporary progressivism. Rigorous analysis? Economic realities? Plain common sense? Invisible through those green-tinted glasses!

Posted by tmg110 at 10:58 AM EST
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Tuesday, 15 November 2011
Think of It This Way
Topic: Liberal Fascism


“Never interrupt the enemy when he is making a mistake.” Also sprach the great Napoleon, and he knew what he was talking about. So perhaps we should just sit back and enjoy the show as the Occupy Wall Street movement vomits all over itself. Could there possibly be, from the conservative point of view, a better poster child for the progressive cause than an OWS demonstrator assaulting a police officer or defecating in public?


Kudos to NYC Mayor Bloomberg for permitting these unlovely protests to go on for as long as they have. Though with no intention of doing do, he has rendered a sterling service to the conservative cause.

Posted by tmg110 at 4:45 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 16 November 2011 9:53 AM EST
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Creating Jobs? Just a Pipe Dream
Topic: Decline of the West


If you’re one of those poor, deluded souls who still believes Barack Obama when he swears up and down that he’s working like a helot to create jobs, consider this:


To those who claim that the Obama administration’s regulatory policies don’t have any effect on jobs, we now have conclusive evidence to the contrary from—you guessed it — the Obama administration. In case you missed it, the administration announced Thursday it is delaying a decision on the $7 billion Keystone XL pipeline, which would transport oil from Canada’s oil-sands deposits to American refineries on the Gulf Coast. Although there’s some disagreement over the number of jobs involved, no one disputes that the project would be a sizable net employer. The Obama administration estimated 5,000 to 6,000 construction jobs. Some other estimates are higher.


That’s Robert J. Samuelson, writing in the Washington Post. See, Barry’s in for some tough sledding in 2012. He needs all the support he can scrape up to improve his none-too-brilliant chances of being reelected—including the support of the environmental lobby. So as not to anger the Greenshirts, he punted on a final decision concerning the pipeline. If he does manage to win a second term, the XL pipeline will probably never be built. And all the jobs associated with it, direct and indirect, will never materialize. Meanwhile, I suppose, the unemployed can pass the time by trying to predict which “green jobs” initiative will prove to be the next Solyndra.


You know what? If you’re a working stiff and you support Obama—you’re a chump.

Posted by tmg110 at 12:11 PM EST
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An Age Like This
Topic: Liberal Fascism

Here's a typical example of progressive protest in the cause of "social justice": "Caught On Video: Occupy Protester Defecates In Public Street"

That'll show those evil banks and corporations! Stay classy, OWS…

Posted by tmg110 at 8:25 AM EST
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Friday, 11 November 2011
It's Like Woodstock, But the Music's Lousy
Topic: Liberal Fascism


Given the Left's longstanding lack of regard for personal hygene, this was proabably inevitable: Protesters Coming Down With the "Zuccotti Lung"


With wintry weather poised to swoop into the cramped outdoor quarters of Occupy Wall Street protesters, it may not be long before more campers catch what's being called "Zuccotti lung."


That's what demonstrators have dubbed the sickness that seems to be spreading among them at an unpleasantly high rate these days: "It's a real thing," Willie Carey, 28, told the New York Times.


With little sleep in cold conditions, cigarettes and drinks being passed from mouth to mouth, and few opportunities to wash hands, Zuccotti Park may now just be the best place to catch respiratory viruses, norovirus (also known as the winter vomiting virus) and tuberculosis, according to one doctor.


The damp clothing and cardboard signs wet with rain are also breeding grounds for mold. Some protesters are urinating in bottles and leaving food trash discarded throughout the campground, providing further opportunities for nastiness.


Sounds like fun! Say what you want about those too-big-to-fail banks, but at least they have indoor plumbing…

Posted by tmg110 at 2:18 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 12 November 2011 8:18 AM EST
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Veterans Day 2011
Topic: Freedom's Guardian

 Honoring Those Who Have Served


In War  •  In Peace 


Posted by tmg110 at 7:53 AM EST
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Thursday, 10 November 2011
"Always Faithful"
Topic: Freedom's Guardian

November 10, 1775—November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps

 Streamer for the Presidential Unit Citation as Carried on the USMC Battle Color

236 Years Young Today—Still Going Strong

Posted by tmg110 at 3:13 PM EST
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The Sporting Spirit (Continued)
Topic: Decline of the West


Here’s yet another reason to go back and read George Orwell’s great essay on sport:


Bedlam erupts on Penn State campus


STATE COLLEGE - Happy Valley was in bedlam early today as angry, chanting students ran amok in a bizarre climax to an unforgettable day that ended with the unthinkable: the firing of football legend Joe Paterno.


Chanting "Joe Pa-ter-no!" and "One More Game!" students raced to the stately Old Main administration building to express their anger that the winningest coach in major-college football history was out - fallout from the child-sex scandal involving his former top assistant, Jerry Sandusky.


More than 1,000 students rioted and rallied at Old Main and on frat-house-lined Beaver Avenue. Riot cops, fire trucks and ambulances were on hand after midnight, amid reports that tear gas was being used to disperse the crowd.


Demonstrators overturned a TV news van, toppled street lights, shook stop signs and threw toilet paper. From rooftops and in the streets, they yelled "F--- Sandusky!" and "We Want JoePa!"


Bear in mind that these students, so called, are rioting over football. Even Occupy Wall Street has a more respectable list of grievences than that.


You know what I want? For colleges and universities to stop acting like sports franchises and start behaving like institutions of higher learning. At a time when the value of a college education is being devalued at a rapid rate even as college costs soar, is that really too much to ask?

Posted by tmg110 at 11:39 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 10 November 2011 4:11 PM EST
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Out of One, Many
Topic: Decline of the West


Interesting story here: Migrants blamed amid Greek debt crisis


Illegal immigrants who have swamped Greece's borders are accused of exacerbating the financial crisis that now threatens to infect other eurozone nations.


The annual cost of sustaining this immigrant population—in terms of healthcare, crime and impact on legitimate businesses—is estimated at 6 billion euros, says the president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, Constantine Michalos.


So could the eurozone crisis be curbed by cracking down on illegal immigrants? Possibly, but it’s kind of hard to envision how “European Union” and ‘border controls” go together.


Far-seeing critics warned long ago that the attempt to unify Europe would intensify rather than reduce feelings of nationalism. Now that the money has run out, their prophecy seems prescient indeed.

Posted by tmg110 at 8:25 AM EST
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