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Tuesday, 17 April 2012
Recall Fever Produces Political Nausea
Topic: Liberal Fascism


A few weeks ago, progressives and union thugs were high-fiving one another over what they believed to be a slam-dunk: the effort to remove Wisconsin’s Republican governor, Scott Walker, via a recall election. They were seeking revenge for Walker’s budget 2011 reforms, which were based on the radical notion that public servants such as teachers work for…the public.


But the recall campaign is beginning to look like a serious miscalculation. Recent polls show Walker leading all his possible Democratic opponents by five- to ten-point margins. And though public opinion concerning the governor’s reforms remains divided, he currently enjoys a 51% job approval rating. The recall election is scheduled for June 5.


If the attempt to remove Walker fails, it would be a huge defeat for Big Labor and its radical allies in such precincts as the Occupy movement. It would also be bad news for President Obama, who needs Wisconsin in his column come November. But Scott Walker’s triumphant survival would definitely nudge the Badger State into the “leans Romney” column. Way to bomb yourselves by mistake, comrades…

Posted by tmg110 at 1:30 PM EDT
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Monday, 16 April 2012
Rule of Law or Suicide Pact?
Topic: Decline of the West


I know that European countries’ treatment of criminals is somewhat lax by American standards, but I must admit that I was startled to learn this (hat tip: Charles C.W. Cooke at NRO):


“If Convicted, Anders Breivik Will Be Sentenced to 21 Years in Prison for 77 Murders.”


Breivik is the demented right-wing extremist who killed 77 and injured over 200 in the course of a horrific murder spree in Oslo, Norway, last year. If he’s found competent to stand trial, the maximum sentence that can be imposed on him for this slaughter is twenty-one years! Think about that. Just twenty-one years…


True, Breivik’s sojourn behind bars can be extended if the court decides that he’s still a threat to society. But even the possibility of this monster’s release is an outrageous insult to the dead, the injured and their families. Or is it? Maybe the people of Norway don’t see it that way. Maybe they’re fine with the possibility that Breivik might one day walk free. Now that’s a frightening thought…

Posted by tmg110 at 4:44 PM EDT
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Green Jobs...For Bankruptcy Attorneys
Topic: Liberal Fascism


Of all the reasons to hand Barack Obama a pink slip in November 2012, my favorite is the green energy/green jobs debacle.


Green energy—supposedly clean, cheap, abundant and a mighty job generator—is one of those fads beloved of progressives that promises to deliver something for nothing. Oh, sure, the taxpayers will be squeezed for the few hundred billion necessary to cover startup costs—but after that, here comes the sun…and the wind…and the ethanol…and the Volt…


One little problem, though: There is no free lunch. But progressives who view the economy through green-colored glasses are dismissive of that bedrock economic law. The idea that all economic decisions involve tradeoffs is anathema to them. If your heart is in the right place, if you’re on the side of trees and whales and the snail darter, the normal rules simply do not apply.


This is the mind-set that gave us Solyndra and a string of other green energy “investments,” all of which cratered at significant cost to the hard-pressed US taxpayer. Now another green energy company is on the ropes: A123 Systems, which makes batteries for electric cars and received a $249 million grant from Obama’s Department of Energy.


As Robert Bryce explains in this article for National Review Online, A123’s problem is fundamental: Its survival depends on sales of all-electric cars, and few people want to buy all-electric cars. (Fun fact: In March, Chevy sold 2,289 Volts at $40,000 a pop, while Toyota sold 28,289 Corollas at $16,000 a pop. Both vehicles get about the same highway mileage. You do the math.)


During A123’s initial public offering in September 2009, the company’s stock sold for $13.50 a share. Last Friday, it was selling for $0.93 a share and Bryce predicts that A123 will file for bankruptcy within eighteen months. Not much to show for $249 million, is it, fellow taxpayers? Thanks, Barry!

Posted by tmg110 at 8:50 AM EDT
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On Deck: The Insanity Defense
Topic: Decline of the West

If this defense strategy flies, George Zimmerman has nothing to worry about.

"Norway killer admits massacre, claims self-defense: A right-wing fanatic admitted Monday to unleashing a bomb-and-shooting massacre that killed 77 people in Norway but pleaded not guilty to criminal charges, saying he was acting in self-defense."

Posted by tmg110 at 7:59 AM EDT
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Sunday, 15 April 2012
Reminder of Progressive Idiocy
Topic: Liberal Fascism


Michael Moore, praising the Cuban healthcare system.

Posted by tmg110 at 12:47 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 15 April 2012 12:55 PM EDT
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Friday, 13 April 2012
Playing Politics with the Law?
Topic: Decline of the West


A great sigh of relief went up when the special prosecutor in the Treyvon Martin case charged George Zimmerman with second-degree murder. But maybe people should have held their breath. For as Alan Dershowitz has pointed out, the charging instrument submitted by prosecutor Angela Corey in no way establishes probable cause for a charge of murder two.


Florida law defines second-degree murder in these words: “The unlawful killing of a human being, when perpetrated by any act imminently dangerous to another and evincing a depraved mind regardless of human life, although without any premeditated design to effect the death of any particular individual.” Dershowitz notes, however, that the prosecution’s charging instrument does not suggest probable cause to believe Zimmerman had a “depraved mind regardless of human life” when he shot Martin. On the contrary, the facts provided are entirely consistent with Zimmerman’s self-defense claim. Dershowitz suspects that the second-degree murder charge was a political move by Corey, an elected public official.


To call his suspicion is plausible would be a considerable understatement. I’m no lawyer, but I was quite startled when Cory came out with a second-degree murder charge. Her dramatic announcement of the charge led me to believe that the prosecution must have developed some pretty damning evidence against Zimmerman. But as Dershowitz points out, the charging instrument doesn’t even establish probable cause.


Treyvon Martin and his family deserve justice. So does George Zimmerman. But in a case like this, justice is probably too much to hope for.

Posted by tmg110 at 1:45 PM EDT
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Save Your Receipt
Topic: Decline of the West

Not the least amusing aspect of the Hilary Rosen/Ann Romney flap is that Rosen is a highly compensated expert on public relations and communications strategies—in fact, she's a partner in the political communications firm SKDKnickerbocker. (Incidentally, SKDK just happens to represent contraception crusader Sandra Fluke. Go figure.)

Think about that: Hilary Rosen, foot lodged firmly in mouth, crafting communications strategies for high-profile Democrats. DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz for one should definitely demand a refund…

Posted by tmg110 at 11:24 AM EDT
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South Jersey or North Korea?
Topic: Decline of the West


Sign of the times: “A South Jersey man has come up with what he hopes is a solution to a controversy over the American flag that he flew in his yard—a flag bearing the image of President Barack Obama in place of the field of stars.”


Wes Kennedy’s neighbors in Lumberton, New Jersey’s Arcadia housing development apparently found the Barry and Stripes flag objectionable. “In Acacia, there are some angry, maybe even evil-minded people about Obama,” he told a reporter. He has since replaced it with two flags: the Stars and Stripes and a flag bearing Obama’s angelic visage. (Hat tip: CBS News.)


Two points:


(1) If it were up to me, Kennedy’s Barry and Stripes flag would still be flying. We do have the right to freedom of expression in this country, however unpopular a concept this may be in certain circles on both the left and the right. I'd remind my fellow conservatives how indignant we all become over stories of neighborhood associations that demand removal of the Stars and Stripes from someone’s property.


(2) The Cult of Barry is très creepy. Exactly what is going through the minds of people who display objets d’art like this?
















     I think they’re saying: “I’d rather be in North Korea.”

Posted by tmg110 at 9:25 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 13 April 2012 9:46 AM EDT
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Thursday, 12 April 2012
Hilary Rosen, Tribune of the Sisterhood
Topic: Liberal Fascism


I had to laugh this morning as I perused the news about Democratic Party operative Hilary Rosen’s maladroit attack on Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann. Responding to the candidate’s comment that when he wants to know what’s on women’s minds, he asks his wife, Rosen sneered that the mother of five “had never worked a day in her life” and therefore cannot possibly have the first idea what’s going on with the average American woman.


Instant brouhaha!


Democrats scrambled to distance themselves from Rosen’s comments, as well they might given their recent claims that Republicans are waging a “war on women.” Now that one of their own appears to be waging a civil war on women who don’t fit the progressive feminist template, Democrats are shuffling their feet and clearing their throats.


In true leftie fashion, Rosen first refused to back off from her comments about Ann Romney and then, no doubt under pressure from a nervous Obama campaign, issued the standard non-apology. Her words were “poorly chosen,” you see. And just to underline the extent of her clueless idiocy, Rosen insisted on CNN that hey, Democrats had never, ever used the term “war on women”! Um, except for Nancy Pelosi, James Carville, Donna Brazille…


So clearly this woman, Hilary Rosen, is a dolt. What she said was not only offensive, it was stupid. But that wasn’t really the best part of the story. No, what really had me on the floor laughing was Rosen’s underlying implication: Ann Romney doesn’t know what American women are thinking, but I do.


Okay, let’s see about that. Here’s Rosen’s background (with a tip of the hat to Wikipedia):


Born and raised in West Orange, NJ


BBA degree, George Washington University.


1987 to 2003: Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA); served as president, then chairman and chief executive, officer, 1994-2003.


Took time off in 2003-04 to spend time with her partner, Elizabeth Birch, and their children.


2004-06: Interim director for the Human Rights Campaign, a GLBT lobbyist organization


2006: Founded a consulting firm, Berman Rosen Global Strategies, specializing in digital media and the entertainment industry with Jason Berman, former Chairman of the International Recording Industry Association (IFPI)


2007: Launched with business partner Ilene Chaiken, creator of the L Word. was a social networking and entertainment site targeted to lesbians and their friends based on the Showtime series, The L Word.


2008: Managing partner of the DC office of the Brunswick Group, a London-based PR and communications strategy firm.


Formerly Washington Editor at Large for The Huffington Post and the online site's political director during the 2008 election and was President of a start up website, from 2006 to 2008.


Currently a partner in the political communications firm SKDKnickerbocker.


In short, Hilary Rosen is a highly privileged elitist of the type quite common in progressive circles, and her claim to be channeling the wants and needs of American womanhood is, in a word, risible. And that’s a laugh!

Posted by tmg110 at 3:38 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 12 April 2012 3:42 PM EDT
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Only 4,000 Enemies of the People?
Topic: Decline of the West

Incidentally, it appears that President Obama's millionaire/billionaire-bashing Buffet Rule, about which he's been making such a terrific fuss, would apply to no more than 4,000 taxpayers—this according a a Bloomberg analysis. I'd call that a sufficient commentary on the utter phoniness of Barry's class warfare campaign.

Posted by tmg110 at 9:03 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 12 April 2012 9:13 AM EDT
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