In 1813 the regular cavalry of the Prussian Army included seven regiments of Uhlans (lancers). The first three regiments, each with four squadrons, had provincial titles but the remainder bore numbers only. These latter regiments had been hastily raised during the mobilization against France and their composition varied. Uhlan-Regiment Nr. 5, for example, had three squadrons, only two of which were armed with the lance. The former Hussars of Berg were drafted in to provide a third squadron. Uhlan-Regiment Nr. 8 had four squadrons but only one, the Bremen Volunteers, was armed with the lance. The other three squadrons were raised by drafting in the hussars of the Russian-German Legion. In theory each regiment ought to have had a distinctive lance pennon and this was the case for Regiments 1-3 but due to their composition the lancer squadrons of the other regiments were not so standardized.

The cavalry regiments of the Landwehr (militia), which were raised during the mobilization, were even more variable in organization and uniform. Most, however, were three squadrons strong and almost all were armed with the lance. Pennons were supposed to be in provincial colors, e.g. white over black for Kurmark regiments, but here again there were many departures from regulations. Silesian Landwehr regiments apparently had pennons with differently colored upper stripes over a yellow stripe. A black pennon with a white Landwehr Cross (the distinctive badge of the militia) was used by some squadrons and the Westphalia Landwehr Cavalry Regiment, one squadron strong, had orange pennons with a black Landwehr Cross.

By the time of the 1815 Waterloo campaign both the regular cavalry and the Landwehr cavalry regiments had been largely reorganized, their weaponry and uniforms were standardized, and all regular lancer regiments and most of the Landwehr cavalry regiments bore white-black lance pennons, these being the colors of the Kingdom of Prussia.




Uhlan Regiment 1  •  East Prussia
Squadrons 1-4


Uhlan Regiment 2  •  Silesia
Squadrons 1-4


Uhlan Regiment 3  •  Mark Brandenburg
Squadrons 1-4


Uhlan Regiment 5  •  Squadrons 1-2


Uhlan Regiment 6  •  Squadrons 1-3


Uhlan Regiment 6  •  Squadron 4
Bremen Volunteers


Uhlan Regiment 7  •  Squadron 1


Uhlan Regiment 7  •  Squadron 4
Saxon Uhlans


Uhlan Regiment 8  •  Squadron 4
Saxon Uhlans




Kurmark Regiments


Kurmark Regiments  •  Alternate Design


Neumark Regiments


Pomerania Regiments


Westphalia Regiment


Elbe Regiment


Silesia Regiments  •  Squadron 1


Silesia Regiments  •  Squadron 2


Silesia Regiments  •  Squadron 3


Silesia Volunteer Jäger Regiment
Squadron 1


Silesia Volunteer Jäger Regiment
Squadron 2


Silesia Volunteer Jäger Regiment
Squadron 3


Standard Lance Pennon  •  1815 Campaign