Parading the Colors


HMS Mariner, an Algerine-class minesweeper of the Royal Navy, flies her pendant number as she enters harbor during World War II. The triangular pennant at the masthead is probably the squadron/flotilla pennant: yellow bordered blue. Note that line-handling parties are fallen in fore and aft. Ships of this numerous class (98 constructed) were assigned flag superior J. Though designed as minesweepers, the Algerines could be configured as antisubmarine escorts and many were used in this role. Basic armament was one 4-in dual-purpose gun, four 20mm AA guns, four depth charge throwers and two depth charge racks. If the minesweeping gear was removed, a Hedgehog antisubmarine mortar could also be fitted. During the war five ships of this class were sunk and one was damaged beyond repair. After the war, many Algerines were sold to foreign navies and until recently one was still in service with the Royal Thai Navy.


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