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Drapeaux of the French Army  •  1814-30  •  Line Cavalry


Line Cavalry Regiments  •  1814-16

As with the infantry, the cavalry regiments of Napoleon's army were taken into the service of the restored King Louis XVIII rather than being disbanded—this in a bid for national reconciliation. Like the infantry, the cavalry arm was reduced in size and some regiments were renumbered. The two carabineer regiments were consolidated into a corps of six squadrons with the name borne under the Old Regime. Uniforms remained the same except for the substitution of the white Bourbon cockade for the Napoleonic tricolor cockade on the headdress. All regiments received new standards, similar in pattern to those granted to the infantry, 60cm square plus fringe, with a dedication  in the Napoleonic style from the King to the regiment on the obverse. The first several regiments of each type received traditional royal or princely titles in addition to their numbers.


Corps of Carabineers  •  Carabiniers de Monsieur 


1st Regiment of Cuirassiers  •  Régiment du Roi


9th Regiment of Cuirassiers


6th Regiment of Dragoons  •  Régiment de Condé


12th Regiment of Dragoons


7th Regiment of Hussars  •  Régiment d'Orléans


7th Regiment of Chasseurs-on-Horse


3rd Regiment of Lancers  •  Régiment le Dauphin

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