US Army units that are authorized to bear organizational colors, organizational flags or guidons display their battle honors in the form of campaign and war service streamers.

Campaign streamers for the Civil War and subsequent wars and conflicts are in the colors of the ribbon of the campaign medal for award to individuals, inscribed with the name of the battle or campaign. (For earlier wars and conflicts, there are no corresponding campaign medals.) War service streamers are awarded to units that served in a theater of war but did not qualify for a specific campaign credit; they usually have no inscription but in some cases may be inscribed with a geographical location and date. However, not all campaign streamers have corresponding war service streamers. Since World War II, streamers in the colors of the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, appropriately inscribed, have been awarded to recognize certain smaller military operations for which no specific campaign medal was authorized. Campaign credits are determined by the Army's Military History Branch, and are documented on a unit Lineage and Honors Certificate issued by the Army Institute of Heraldry. A wreath, called the Earned Honor Device, is added at the fly end of the streamer to denote decorations earned specifically by battalions of regiments in the combat arms.

Civil War (Confederate Service) campaign streamers are authorized for Army National Guard units of states of the former Confederate States of America only. When the Confederate name for a battle or campaign differs from the Federal name, e.g. SHARPSBURG versus ANTIETAM, the Confederate name is inscribed on the streamer.

Company-sized units organized under a TOE that specifically receive war service or campaign credits are authorized campaign streamers for their guidons.

Campaign streamers are authorized in three sizes as follows. For the Organizational Color of the 3rd Infantry (The Old Guard): 2 3/4-inch hoist by 4-foot fly. For all other Army flags and colors: 2 3/4-inch hoist by 3-foot fly. For guidons: 1 3/8-inch hoist by 2-foot fly.

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Expeditionary Service (Somalia )    Kosovo Service    GWOT Expeditionary Service    Afghanistan Service


Revolutionary War    1775-81


War of 1812    1812-15


Mexican War    1846-47


Civil War    Federal Service    1861-65


Civil War    Confederate Service    1861-65


Indian Wars    1790-1891


Spanish-American War    1898


Spanish-American War    War Service Streamer    1898


China Relief Expedition    1900


Philippine Insurrection    1899-1913


Mexican Expedition    1916-17


World War I    1917-18


World War I    War Service Streamer    1917-18


World War II American Theater    War Service Streamer    1941-45


World War II Asiatic Pacific Theater    1941-45


World War II Asiatic Pacific Theater    War Service Streamer


World War II European-North African-Middle Eastern Theater


World War II European-North African-Middle Eastern Theater
War Service Streamer    1941-45


Korean War    1950-53


Vietnam Service    1962-73


Expeditionary Service    Dominican Republic    1965-66


Expeditionary Service    Grenada    1983


Expeditionary Service    Panama    1989-90


Expeditionary Service    Somalia    1992-95


Southwest Asia Service    Persian Gulf War    1990-95


Kosovo Service    1999


Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Service    Since 2001


Afghanistan Service    2001-21


Iraq Service    2003-11