Parading the Colors


The Royal Navy's HMS Mersey, a River-class offshore patrol vessel, displays the White Ensign at the stern as she prepares to enter harbor. Mersey and her two sisters are the backbone of the RN's Fishery Protection Squadron—a mission symbolized by the triangular blue and yellow pennant applied to her funnel. This is the RN fishery protection pennant, worn by vessels engaged in such duties. The River-class OPVs have served since 2003 and are due to be replaced in the next few years by three larger and more capable ships.


The Star-Spangled Banner Morning Colors  •  September 11, 2010 Funeral of President George H.W. Bush
104th Infantry Regiment in the Great War US Coast Guard  •  Dress Ship First US Flag Stamp
Battle of the Java Sea Remembrance Liberation of Dachau  •  April 29, 1945 "Don't Give Up the Ship!"
HMS Mariner Will Enter Harbour Flying the White Ensign HMS Victory at Trafalgar
Australia Parades Her Colours The Loyal London

Royal Yacht HMS Britannia

442nd Regimental Combat Team

United States Corps of Cadets

Sons of Erin  • The Fighting 69th

Super Bowl XLV Color Guard

27th Infantry Regiment, US Army

Frederick The Great at Zorndorf

The Danish Fleet at Sea  •  1750

Britains Toy Soldiers

Bastille Day 2012

SMS Deutschland 1912 Old Ironsides  •  USS Constitution US Army Change of Command
Imperial Russian  Navy Cruiser Gromoboi   Players Cigarette Cards Charting the Course of Vexillogical History
Indian Armed Forces Flags Moscow Victory Parade  •  1945 Russian Federation Naval Flags

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