Parading the Colors

14 July 2014: To mark the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War, the French Republic invited all 76 nations (including those that were at the time colonial possessions) that participated in the conflict to march in the annual Bastille Day Parade in Paris. The Australian Army contingent bore the colors of all the regiments and battalions that served in the Great War. Following British practice, Australian Army colors consist of a Queen's Colour and a Regimental Colour; the former are visible in the front row. Note that some of these colors, representing units no longer active, are based on the British Union Flag rather than the Australian national flag.

In the Great War, Australian and New Zealand soldiers received their baptism of fire at Gallipoli and later served in France.


The Star-Spangled Banner First US Flag Stamp Morning Colors    September 11, 2010
"Don't Give Up the Ship!" Flying the White Ensign HMS Victory at Trafalgar
HMS Mariner Will Enter Harbout The Loyal London

Bastille Day 2012

442nd Regimental Combat Team

United States Corps of Cadets

SMS Deutschland 1912

Super Bowl XLV Color Guard

27th Infantry Regiment, US Army

Frederick The Great at Zorndorf

The Danish Fleet at Sea    1750

Britains Toy Soldiers

Charting the Course of Vexillogical History

Royal Yacht HMS Britannia Old Ironsides    USS Constitution US Army Change of Command
US Coast Guard    Dress Ship Sons of Erin  The Fighting 69th Battle of the Java Sea Remembrance
Indian Armed Forces Flags Moscow Victory Parade    1945 Russian Federation Naval Flags

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